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Google Struggling To Keep Up With AI Technology

Google Struggling To Keep Up With AI Technology

Over the years, search engines have become more astute at determining ranking when delivering results.  Pursuant to the reliance on searches across all platforms / devices, those rankings have become more influential than ever.  For browsers, accustomed to quick queries and immediate gratification, rarely scroll beyond the first few page listings.  This has many consequences for SEO.  Optimizing pages for web crawlers entails keeping up with the technology that is being used by search engines.  To do anything less is to risk being left behind in this escalating technological arms race.

Every search engine now relies on AI to provide relevant results for each query.  That’s where pathbreaking companies like SEO Machine and BrightEdge SEO come into play.  Such systems use cutting-edge technology to dynamically sequence Google’s algorithm as that algorithm evolves.  This means using the latest in machine-learning technology to modify web content to ensure maximal visibility.

SEO Machine.AI and BrightEdge builds dynamic algorithms, each of which is specialized for the analysis and modification of thousands of sites.  The system works from multiple angles, each of which is bolstered by our groundbreaking machine-learning technology.  This enables clients to monitor progress, and respond accordingly.

Old tactics are no longer sufficient to effect a great SEO strategy.  New demands warrant new technology.  Google is always improving its search algorithms to adjust to how browsers are searching.  As Google’s requirements for page rankings become more advanced and sophisticated, it is necessary to use “smart” tools to address them.

Bear in mind that about half of all searches on Google are by those looking for local information (local shops, operating hours, contact info, locations, etc.)  AI-powered SEO targets local searchers by making judicious use of landing pages and listings.  Search engines tend to rely on data-aggregators to fill in information gaps in their own databases.  To this end, they will tend to cross-check information to ensure facts are always timely and relevant.

Problems arise, however, when aggregators collect out-of-date data.  This causes a search engine to list obsolete content (locations, operating hours, which forms of payment are acceptable, etc.); so Google and Bing take great measures to keep their search results up to date; yet antiquated information can harm the standing of a website on SERPs.  Consequently, it is imperative that a site be able to keep itself abreast of any and all changes, keeping search engines’ “spiders” happy.  The optimal way to accomplish this vital task is to use AI technology, which can ensure that all listings are automatically updated.  

AI technology has a powerful effect on how content ranks in SERPS; and so is integral to the visibility of any given brand.  It also dictates how search engines read and categorize the content on any given website.  Machines can target searchers by building links from directory listings to boost rankings on each SERP.  AI can also be used to conduct keyword assessments to determine the best buzz-terms / catch-phrases that are most beneficial for a business’s product or service.

To successfully satisfy these algorithms, marketers must avail themselves of the same tools as the search engines–leading to a technological arms race wherein AI is pitted against AI.  Bots (especially web crawlers) are becoming smarter.  Consequently, search engines are getting a better feel for what customers are looking for.

Search engines will continue to evolve; so more sophisticated technology is required to keep up with mounting expectations.  Moreover, as customers begin to depend more and more on quick and effective targeted searches (catered to their personal preferences), search engines need to be able to adapt on the fly.  Adept SEO needs to keep pace with these developments as they arise.  AI technology is the only way to make this happen.  To fail to see this is to risk being left behind.

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