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Holy cow…and the future of food.

Holy cow…and the future of food.

It is said that one cow can make 2000 hamburgers, but I suspect this freak of nature can make more. The future of food is complicated, we don’t like the thought of our species killing millions of animals every day to provide us the the delicious tastes that they provide. Lets face it if there is a god, bacon would be considered a gift from above.

The cow above was apparently produced by genetically modifying it to produce more muscle, and while some bodybuilders would give anything to have so much muscle, I suspect this poor cow does not find it too much fun.

Luckily playing god and slaughtering animals is probably will become a rare oddity in a few generations, after all by its very nature animal farming is intensive on the environment. Economics will probably be the determining factor in bringing about a food revolution. Thats not to say that farming and slaughtering animals will disappear completely, just become the exception not the rule. I expect eating real meat will become more of a sport, those with a thirst for blood will start hunting their food again talk about full circle for us little humans….

So what will food look like for the rest of us? Well when most people think about food in the far future it makes them think of popping pills that contain your entire dinner, and as soylent green is teaching us the demand is there for bland effective food. However I suspect the future will be far more interesting and diverse. Think about your food for a minute, why does food look like food, why does it taste a certain way? Because that is all that nature has given us and we have spent thousands of years trying to combine it into new sensations, but the reality is we probably get to taste maybe 5% of all the possible flavors that are possible, we are tasting the equivalent greyscale.

So the future holds many exciting possibilities, 3D printing will be able to produce any shape, smell and taste you desire, it will learn your preferences buy CBD products every meal is more tasty than the previous one.

It will also make us healthier with tailored foods and the ability to know exactly what’s going into you and exactly what is going out your diet will perfectly be controlled, this will lead to healthy longer lives and just one of the many way’s technology will extend our lives.



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